Hi! My name is Fernanda Flores, I am 20 years old and I’am from Mexico. 

I’m a woman who follows her dreams. When I made the decision to leave my country to venture a new culture, new places, new rules, new food etc. I was excited because we always think of the United States how we see it on tv. But on the other hand,  I was scared because I did not speak any English, I’ve never been without my family, and I’ve never left my country. Either way I was going to take the risk and follow my heart. The 90 days were extremely difficult.  I thought I was strong, but you really don’t know how strong you are until life puts you in these situations. I miss everything from home.  The things that I didn’t like before and never thought I would miss, I miss them.

I love everything to do with fitness, make up, fashion, travel and culture, so I’m not just going to focus on one thing. I like do a little of everything and share the things I like, why, where and when.

Thank you for visit my blog, I hope you enjoy and you take a pice of this with you and add it to your life.